True story told by Shaykh “Abdul Mohsen al Ahmad”, it happened in Abha (the capital of Asir province in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“After playing pillar of Islam Al Maghrib, she place her make-up, wore her stunning white dress getting ready herself for her wedding, Then she detected the Adhan of ‘Ishaa and he or she accomplished that she poor her Wudu she told her mother : “mother, I even have to travel to create wudu and pray ‘Ishaa” Her mother was appalled : “Are you crazy?!! Guests square measure expecting you, to check you! what regarding your create -up? it'll be all washed away by water!!” then she added: ” i'm your mother and that i order you to not perform worship currently! wallahi if you create wudu now, i'll be angry at you” Her girl replied :”wallahi I won’t leave from here until I perform my salah! Mother you need to understand that “There isn't any obedience to any creature in disobedience to the Creator.”!!

Her mother said:”what would our guests say regarding you once you’ll show up in your wedding while not make-up?! You won’t be stunning in their eyes! and that they can be-mock of you!”

The girl asked with a smile :”Are you disquieted as a result of I won’t be stunning within the eyes of creations? What regarding my Creator?! i'm disquieted as a result of, if I miss my worship, I won’t be stunning in His eyes”

She began to create wudu, and every one her make-up was washed away, however she didn't care. She then began her worship and at the instant she burdened to create sujud, she didn't notice that it'll be her last one!

Yes! She died whereas in sujud! What an excellent ending for a Moslem World Health Organization insisted on obeying her Lord!

Moral of the Story:

From this story we have a tendency to learn a crucial principle inside Islam that is that ‘there isn't any obedience to the creation once it involves disobedience to the Creator’. This principle applies to everybody, regardless of World Health Organization they're, whether or not that’s your own Mother and Father or a random interloper within the street, you can not adjust them in one thing that involves disobeying Allah.


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