The cream is specifically developed for the face and meant to be used on cheeks, upper lip, hairline, or chin.
But not eyebrows — accidental migration into eyes wouldn't be pretty. Bliss spent beyond regular time creating the formula smell recent. It’s worlds off from the burning-hair fragrance of depilatories past (think flowers, not sulphur). The ingredients additionally embody skin-soothing succulent, medicine “willoherb,” and moisturizing tocopherol, that leaves your skin even drum sander and softer than it absolutely was before. Plus, the dual-sided applier tip makes application simple and mess-free. We found the scent inoffensive, and even pleasant. Also, we have a tendency to accidentally left the cream on our higher lip for 9 minutes rather than the 3 minutes that the box recommends, and solely felt slight tingling and saw lowest redness. a lot of significantly, our higher lip is swish, soft, and all hair-free.


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