NEW YORK (Bureau News) American medical specialists teeth clipping nails declared a dangerous habit. Weill Cornell Medical College in New York drma Hematologist Richard Sher says loss of teeth chewing nails has far more than that, as much as we think. All kinds of germs are sitting hidden under our fingernails, go inside the teeth while chewing nails. Mouth and stomach damage caused by these infections, diarrhea, gastrointestinal diseases, including inflammatory antryunky are born. Dr. Richard adding that dental inflammation around the nails chewing finger nails may be a victim of the disease, which later caused the pus is not no other choice because of the operation. Clipping nails from the fingers of HPV, a virus reaches the mouth creates dental problems. Richard says that the dentist is hard to break the habit of biting nails, but it is necessary. Teeth to chew nails is a psychological problem which can be solved with the help of experts....


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