The fish spa is a treatment that is performed by placing the feet in a fish tank with fish Garra Rufa , able to suck the dead skin cells and leaving the skin smoother.
The Garra Rufa wash and regenerate the skin, so produce an exfoliating action. These fish, originating in Turkey, began to acquire fame in 1963. But the real fashion this unique beauty treatment expanded from 2007.
For this natural peeling little guys, no more than 5 cm are used, having no teeth, do not hurt the patient. Furthermore, this species secretes an enzyme, the dithranol, with rejuvenating properties.
Regarding the benefits and drawbacks of ictioterapia, there are different positions. Proponents of the treatment say that in addition to smooth the skin, helps to improve circulation and relax. They grant that in some cases, giving use in a medical and not aesthetic context, they may help in cases of psoriasis.
Critics, meanwhile, warned of the danger caused by micro-batteries and the lack of aseptic places that offer this treatment infections, since the water should be changed every time a patient ends the session and is not common .
One of the precautions to be taken is that the fish used are real Garra Rufa, as some centers use a similar kind of Chinese origin, known as Chin-chin, but with teeth, which can hurt who it is.
Those who have tried it held that generates the feeling in the feet. So in case you want to experience this unique treatment is best done on a trusted aesthetic center, to minimize risks. Would you try it you encourage?


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