The Pakistani Dramas living story, beautiful acting and being free from cumbersome pins in popularity among the masses, but now there is too much noise in neighboring India and Pakistan play only Indian Tea are shown on television, but has been gaining popularity in the Indian population. According to media reports, India's private TV channels airing drama 'life have been the few which have been well received not only the public but also from various quarters of India are being prevails, to the channel Pakistani TV serials days' Noor Pur Ki Rani'','' I wish I would not have your daughter 'and' Life is Gulzar are being broadcast large number of people are choosing to India. Indian dramas from director and observers say that Indian drama serials are the same as the last 10 years and none of them has not changed, just the feeling of connecting with the audience, we have to resort to the language of Pakistani Dramas very humble and real, and not an emotional pin, the drama would not be long when the Indian plays are drawn up years and years.


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