Moisturizing is that the last step of daily skin care routine. Our skin loses wetness thanks to sun shine, dirt, cold or weather. Moisturizing helps to balance the moistur in your skin. Its higher to use moisturizer at day time that have sun screen in it. it'll defend your skin from dangerous sun rays. Such reasonably moisturizers absorbs in skin o.k.. Makeup won't be your face if your moistuzer is greasy. you'll be able to use creamy moisturizers at nighttime before getting to bed as a result of you are doing not have to be compelled to do makeup at that point.

Steps of moisturizing

  • Continually choose moisturizer in keeping with your skin kind. Apply moisturizer in dots on your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck then massage is slowly on your whole face. Any portion of your face or neck shouldn't be left. attempt to use moisturizer in less amount in keeping with the necessity of your skin.
  • Massage moisturizer in cirular motions on your face and neck. Avoid your eyes. Your eyes want some special care that we'll be process in next pages.
  • Anticipate 5 minutes when applying moisturizer. Let is absorb properly in your skin before applying any kin dof makeup. If you apply makeup shortly when moisturizer, your makeup won't keep longer.


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