Today i'd prefer to agitate a subject that gave Maine years and years of grief and makeup-anguish. What within the world does one do with mono lids? For those of you World Health Organization aren’t conversant in the term, having a ‘mono lid’ implies that you have got completely no crease some in your lid. i'd say that almost all east Asians constitute this class. I've detected many of us conjointly check with it as associate absence of associate lid. It’s slightly completely different than having hooded eyes, wherever there’s still a little fold within the lid higher than the lashes.

Here’s my diagram tutorial of my everyday mono lid look. you'll swap out the colors to make completely different, fun appearance all victimization an equivalent technique. once you’re snug with this, simply use black as your darkest shade, and pay additional time mixing the periphery of the lid and below your eyes for a Smoky Eye. Don’t sweep it up to pretend a V, simply work with the color over the lashes of your eye.

Have fun, and smart luck!


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