After extraordinary success of Inam Ghar hosted by Dr. swayer Liaquat on Geo amusement, ARY Digital has taken associate sharp move by launching a replacement broadcast “Jeeto Pakistan” with a gag line “Sab Lay Jao” Jaab destiny Hindu deity Daar Khulay Ga tu Saab blow Milay Ga... The show has gained lots of recognition and is host by the charming host Fahad Mustafa it's one in every of the newest additions to the sport show genres in Pakistan.

It is a great deal expected that ARY Digital can beat the ratings and record of Inam Ghar. Fahad Mustafa has already earned large fan following because of his morning show ‘Jago Pakistan’ on Hum TV and conjointly awarded as best morning host in 2014 awards.

Ratings of the last show of Inam Ghar was claimed breaking records however however might the person scorned the foremost within the society be likeable that much? means off to swayer Liaquat, Fahad Mustafa hasn’t two-faced any of the social stigmas or stays debatable as within the different case. Also, ARY Digital putt claims high by voice communication “Biggest broadcast in Pakistan”. Like Geo, ARY creating the show a competitive that makes it fascinating. bear in mind 1st of its kind show was started in Pakistan by Tariq Aziz.


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