Let ME begin by spoken communication that there was a time (not terribly long ago) once I completely wanted Sarwat Gillani. there have been several reasons for it; the primary and foremost being her natural acting, second that she perpetually centered on her performance quite her appearance and most significantly Sarwat Gillani is one in every of those rare actresses World Health Organization are terribly versatile throughout their career. we have a tendency to see such a lot of seasoned artists being typecast however Sarwat Gillani has perpetually contend roles that were terribly totally different. Sarwat Gillani was spot on in Dil-e-Muztar therefore I had reason to fall enamored with this sensible role player everywhere once more. however recently Sarwat Gillani has disappointment ME in additional ways in which than one. Lately, Sarwat Gillani’s dialogue delivery in Koi Nahi Apna and Aahista Aahista each has been terribly monotone. the flexibility that was there once is weakening out quick.


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