Eye liner and war paint

Eye liners and mascaras area unit wont to create eye distinguished and appearance larger. they create your eyes look a lot of stunning and enticing. Eye liner makes the form the form of your eye distinguished and war paint is employed to thicken your eye lashes. war paint and eye liner ought to be used of same colours continually otherwise they'll not look sensible.

Liquid make-up

Usually liquid make-up is employed on the higher lid right with higher eye lash. Its application isn't as simple. you've got to be knowledgeable in applying excellent make-up. therefore keep experimenting on your eyes after you area unit reception. This observe can cause you to excellent for returning events.

Eye pencils

They are wont to create the higher and lower lines of your eyes a lot of distinguished. Some pencils also are used within eye line. after you apply eye pencil on lower line of your eye, conjointly apply some eye shadow so shade of pencil becomes very little furor and provides your eye a lot of stunning look.


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