Kajal is associate awe-inspiring eye cosmetic product and that we will say that it's the foremost favorite cosmetic of each fille. It defines the form of eyes & makes them a lot of distinguished & charming. ladies use eye pencils & Kajal to beautify their eyes. you'll be able to use Kajal anytime & anyplace and it'll create your eyes overwhelmingly engaging. but Kajal of blue & inexperienced Color may also be used with dresses of field in summers.

Kajal provides a awfully soft look to your temperament & maintains a good spark in your temperament. however to use Kajal is associate art and you ought to watch out whereas applying Kajal. we tend to ar providing you with some tips to use Kajal properly.

Wash your eyes totally before applying Kajal.
Dry your eyes and massage with moisturizing cream around your eyes. If your skin is oily then use make-up around your eyes or can take away further oil with the assistance of paper.

Apply Kajal within the lower lid of the attention and so on the higher protective fold. confirm that the Kajal tip isn't terribly laborious to harm the attention. you'll be able to conjointly draw a line around your higher and lower protective fold to create your eyes a lot of distinguished.

  • You can conjointly extend the Kajal line per your own or ¼, ½ or ¾ of the attention.
  • Eye pencils and liquid Kajal are offered within the market. you'll be able to conjointly simply create Kajal reception by combining soot of kerosine lamp in butter and keep it in icebox.
  • Black gel liner appearance lovely however ne'er use Kajal of inferiority.
  • Place you Kajal in icebox or in cool place. it'll provides a fine look to your eyes.
  • You can conjointly create the Kajal reception. Kajal creating could be a easy and short method. factor needed to create Kajal ar physic, lamp (diya), plate and 2 bowls. Add physic in lamp and burn it. Place diya in center of those bowls n the quilt it with plate. once twenty minutes take away the plate and scrap the soot from plate with knife and place during a dry jar. Now add 2, three drops of drawn butter to the soot and blend it totally and store it in any little jar or box. Your Kajal is prepared to use.


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