One secret for a tremendous makeup area unit huge lashes, they'll create an enormous distinction between a normal and a glamourous look. even though naturally you've got tiny lashes you'll be able to create them look larger and fuller with make-up and extensions. huge lashes create your eyes look larger and a lot of appealing to others therefore knowing the way to create them look monumental may be a helpful issue.

What you'll need:
- volume mascara;
- lash curler;
- flour and a clean brush for mascara;
- lash fibers and glue;
- tweezers.

1. Take the lash crimper and begin by curling the lashes with it.
2. Apply a layer of make-up on your lashes.
3. Take the clean make-up brush, insert it into flour and apply it to you lashes, attempt to create this as fast as doable whereas the antecedently applied make-up continues to be contemporary and therefore the flour will follow it. The flour can thicken them.
4. Add another layer of make-up over what you've got place as yet on your lashes with a angular shape angularity movement.
5. Apply make-up on your lower lash lines too, then take the lash fibers with the tweezers, apply glue on them then stick them to yours, however solely at the ends.
6. If you've got followed all steps you'll fancy a blue blood look!


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