62 Year Women Married With 9 Year Child [Shocking News]
This unique marriage took place in the southern African region where a 9 year old child, a 62-year-old woman married to Helen. 9-year-old voice of the bridegroom's 62-year-old wife, mother of 5 children already have two children, ages 28 and 38 years old, while the bride and groom's 53 year age difference.
The 62-year-old boy claimed that he was married and it was at the behest of the souls of their ancestors and the child's mother says husband is very happy and I'm not ashamed that my son and his mother even older married woman. 9-year-old child bride who married the 62-year-old Helen is also very happy to say, however, if snayy when the girl of his age he will get married and settle down next to his family. He said that this marriage is for the happiness of the souls of ancestors.


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