No doubt normally pink lips are a sympathetic characteristic of a woman’s beauty or a man’s good appears. So, lots people who have dark lips want to fare them. Some of the main causes of dark lips are extravagant vulnerability to direct sunlight, an hypersensitive chemical reaction, use of low-quality toiletries, tobacco, overweening smoking, high caffeine aspiration, and hormonal dis symmetries.

There are so many ways to fare your dark lips that don’t need corrupting dearly-won products or treatments. Here we are going to share with you Natural home remedies can efficaciously make fare or lighten your lips. The time it acquires for these remedies to work changes, so use them as long as asked to accomplish the best results as you want.


  • Lemon is often applied to treat dark skin dapples and spots, and you can consumption it to normally fare your dark lips. The bleaching dimension in lemon works well as a simple yet powerful remedy for dark lips.
  • Bosom a lemon and apply the juice on your lips before sleep. Follow this simple remedy daily for one to two months.
  • Take a dilute slice of lemon, disperse a bit of sugar on top and rub it on your lips. It will break away dead cells so new, bracing skin can come out. Use this remedy daily for a few weeks.
  • Alternatively, you can develop a assortment of one-half teaspoon each of lemon juice, glycerin and honey. Apply it on your lips ahead sleep. Do this daily until you see convinced results.


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