STEP 1: Apply plummy brown make-up up to the crease line with a downy mixing brush & mix out the perimeters.

STEP 2: Apply a similar make-up on your lower lash line also.

STEP 3: With AN angular  make-up brush, apply a black matte make-up on your higher & lower lash lines (till the tear ducts). On the higher lash line, create it thicker at the outer a part of the attention. It does not got to be precise, it's solely a tenet for smudging later.

STEP 4: Apply a black makeup pencil on your water line & tight line higher lash line. be a part of them at the tear ducts. On the higher lash line, additionally line outside however still terribly near the lashes- apply in dots if you are nervous. It's OK if it isn't neat, you are going to smudge the road out anyway.

STEP 5: currently comes the foremost crucial a part of this look- smudging. Use a stiff pencil brush with a number of a similar make-up you utilized in Step one & Step two. Smudge the lower lash line the out corners, take it up in order that it will meet with the higher liner.

STEP 6: Smudge the higher lash line a similar means. you'll use a lot of of a similar plummy brown make-up here to form it a bit a lot of intense. create the lines meet at the outer corners in a very triangle as shown.

*While doing Step five & half-dozen, devour the plummy brown & black eye shadows along with the pencil brush to mix the smudges- this can be if you would like it darker.

STEP 7: It ought to like that once smudging. I raised my drooping lid thus you'll see it higher. If you've got an outlined crease like that, the planning would not be exhausting to realize in the slightest degree.

STEP 8: Curl lashes & apply black war paint on prime and bottom lashes. IMP: Re-apply the black makeup on water line & inner lash line- E.S.P. if you have erased them whereas smudging.

STEP 9: that is the finished look.

DONE! Easy, right?


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