They are practical, versatile and contemporary. The jackets are a must in any male wardrobe that boasts.
A style that is one of those basic items that are always in trend. Need a jacket? In that case, record developments Springfield brings in its catalog autumn-winter 2013-2014.

Already on sale in all shops of the firm and also through the online store of Springfield, awaits a collection of jackets for men of all ages and styles. The jackets are the perfect choice for our daily routine, whether for the office or for a few drinks with friends or even to wear on special occasions. Find the perfect excuse, but do not stay without your jacket Springfield.

 A garment and endless looks . And if that were not enough, with prices that are affordable for all budgets.

With a rocker style with sheepskin, with a handy waterproof fabric for rainy days ... The Hunters succeed! A style that you can combine with jeans, with chinos, with cardigans, with hoodies and with endless clothes more. Find your jacket and come to the shops in Springfield. Some garments with excellent value for money, also for all budgets.

In a sleek black color, very autumnal earth tones, gray ... Bet on a trend-edge and easy to combine, to survive the harsh winter and also to look at the months of halftime.


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