This ad for D&G men’s underwear is absorbing on a cardinal of altered levels. After examination abounding men’s underwear ads I came to the ability that this blazon of ad is not typical, and that achievement abandoned acquired me to stop and assay it.

Men in underwear ads are rarely anytime placed abutting to beneath almost clad men. There is a aphorism in our association that makes it visually ambrosial and adequate for women to be naked abutting to anniversary other, but not for men. However there is a contempo trend, decidedly in commendations to aerial fashion, for announcement to move added appear the homo-erotic route. But it still should be acclaimed that none of these men are in any abject or feminine poses. They are all either continuing with their accomplished bodies assiduously in stances of ascendancy with easily on hips, or they are acutely not in positions of servitude. They are all staring beeline advanced into the camera, and none are attractive at or alike affecting anniversary other. So while this could be advised a little homo-erotic, in achievement it is not too far from an ad that we would see with aloof one of the macho models in it.


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